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Starting a new business can be both exciting and intimidating.  There are days when you may feel like "you don't even know what you don't know".  We're all been there and it can be frightening, confusing and also annoying when well-meaning family and friends give you lots of advice on what you should and should not do. 


Clingan Capital Funding is offering a start-up business consultation session to help you determine what questions you need to ask and also to give you the answers to those questions. 


Every business is a little different, but the primary questions to start off on the right foot toward success are fairly standard.  Some of the questions and answers we help you determine are:


  • Who will be my target customers/clients?

  • Where is I going to locate my business (internet, retail space, office space)?

  • How am I going to reach my target customers/clients (internet, social media, advertising, referrals, networking)?

  • What will my menu of services or products?

  • How do I price my services or products?

  • How much capital do I need before I can open the doors to my business?

  • How much capital do I need to have in reserves for the first 3 months?  6 months?  12 months?

  • How am I going to obtain the capital I need and is my plan in my best financial interest for me and my business (and family)?

  • How do I negotiate a lease if my business requires physical space?


These are just a few of the many questions that need to be answered before you should consider starting your own business.  Far too often a physical location is chosen PRIOR to determining who the business's customer is.  Seems like an easy answer as to who is "my customer", but that's the toughest question to answer.  Far too many businesses say "everyone".  That answer will typically lead to a business failing.  Your customer base is as unique as your business.  Determine who they are and then, as important, how you're going to reach them.  If you're opening a retail store, will there be enough continuous foot traffic if your sales will be dependent on people coming into your store?  Is your product line a continuous repeat product or more of a once in awhile product?  The answer to that question will have you looking quite differently at the foot traffic on the sidewalk.  You may need to also consider on-line sales . . .


. . . and so forth.  This is how a strategic consultation can help your business start thinking about what the right questions are to be asked and answered for your business.  



Call today and get on the right track toward business success!


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